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GGS Fraud Crusader

GGS Fraud Crusader is a powerful antifraud tool developed by Global Gaming Service R’n D team in order to prevent fraudulent transactions in online gambling sphere which permits us to dramatically downgrade the number of credit card fraud in our gambling establishments. In cooperation with the leading internet payment service providers we do our best to transact business securely online and to guarantee that our end users’ details remain secure throughout the whole credit or debit card transaction process.

Our system benefits from dozens of years of positive database management experience in credit card transaction technology which makes GGS Fraud Crusader truly powerful and handy remedy against credit card fraud.

Key Features:

- All-around multistage customer verification (IP Location, device fingerprinting, proxy check);

- Customer phone number verification;

- Customer gambling manner analysis;

- Fraud management system with more than 100 filters designed for customer in-depth verification to check payment details, payment history and customer black lists;

- Customer final verification by our risk department at the money withdrawal stage.